Julie Atwood Events has turned its focus to community resilience following over 25 years of private, corporate and charitable entertaining in the North Bay. We continue to support a variety of local and regional non-profits through event production and sponsorship, marketing support and consultation. And, we are using our event planning expertise and resources to help people prepare for, cope during, and recover after natural disasters.

In 2013, Julie founded The HALTER Project. Its dual missions: to provided individual and community disaster preparedness education & resources for people and their pets, equines and livestock; and, to facilitate training and equipping first responders to handle large animals safely in emergencies.  We have had great satisfaction producing a series of “Home & Ranch Readiness” events featuring internationally acclaimed speakers and demonstrations, events honoring preparedness and response heroes, and “taking our show on the road” to events throughout the state.

To learn about The HALTER Project, and get great info to help you prepare yourself, family, community and your animals for the next big emergency, please visit and

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